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Vincent Crowley (Deceased)

Founding Partner
January 1980 to November 2014

His legal career focused on developing the practice in the different areas of law from initially a criminal practice in the early years, right through to the areas of civil litigation commercial and defence work and judicial reviews.  He also developed the firms expertise in human rights, asylum law and immigration work along with all other areas that a progressive law firm seeks to serve.

He was a former council member of the Law Society and served on European forums and international committees on asylum law and protection of refugees and seeking greater protection for refugees throughout Europe.  On behalf of non - EU nationals married to EU spouses he led the firm in securing their rights to reside within the European Union.  He was successful in bringing a challenge to the right of inquests to reach criminal verdicts which resulted in a major change to legislation specifically providing for the right of coroners to make a finding of suicide and ultimately its decriminalisation.  He was a member of the legal team which led to the challenge to the manner in which the Ballot on the Referendum of Divorce was carried out resulting in a major ruling by the Supreme Court on the conduct of such campaigns.

He was more recently to the fore in leading cases on employment law and labour law and represented employees before the Labour Court and the Employment Appeals Tribunal and further applied the firms expertise to issues of insolvency and the protection of home owners as well as protecting from exploitation borrowers and workers and seeking courts remedies to do so.